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Add Local Delivery to your Order Confirmation Emails

Order Confirmation Emails

If you would like to add the delivery date and time to order confirmation emails that are sent out to customers; 

  1. From your Shopify admin, go toĀ SettingsĀ >Ā Notifications
  2. In theĀ Customer NotificationsĀ section click Order confirmation


Then in the email body section, you can add the delivery/pick date and time code. Exact placement isn't critical but some users typically add it after the Shipping method block. To help you find the shipping method block you can use your devices "find" function which will look like (command + fĀ on a Mac,Ā ctrl + f on a PC and type balance). This should should take you to the following block of code:


Then add a new line after the </table>Ā line, and add:


To obtain this code, please go Order Confirmation Code

Then up the very top of the page click SaveĀ to save your changes.Ā 

If you now do a test order in your store, you should see the delivery date and time in the email. (Note that the 'preview' and 'send test email' functions in the Order confirmation actions will not show a delivery time, as it is not connected to a real order)

If you get stuck at any point or need extra assistance please just contact us at support@local-delivery.net We're happy to help out!