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Cart Page Type

Change your Shopify cart type to “Page”

Some themes have their default cart type set to “drawer” (like the Express, Boundless, Narrative themes) or “modal” (like the Supply theme). These cart types won’t work with cart attribute apps. The only cart type that does work is the ‘Page’ cart type. This can be easily changed in your theme settings.

1. Go to your Shopify Admin - Online Store - Themes


2. Click the "Customize" button


3. You’ll be taken to your theme settings


4. Click on “Cart” and change the cart type to “Page”, and click "Save"


Please note that not all themes are the same, and some themes might not have the option to edit the cart page this way.

If you are unable to find these sections in your theme editor, or are not comfortable making these changes yourself please get in contact with us at support@local-delivery.net We’re happy to help out!