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Delivery Areas

The Delivery Areas feature allows you to create separate zones that you offer delivery to. Each zone can be set up by using zip/postal codes, or by creating a list that customers can pick a location from when placing their orders.

Setting up a Delivery Schedule

If you want to restrict your delivery schedule to one or a number of specific zipcode/postal codes, first head to the "delivery areas" settings on the left hand side of your app screen. Here you can create new delivery areas or edit existing ones. 


 When you're creating an area you'll first want to set up a name (customers won't see this at the checkout).


In the above screenshot you can see all the different options that are available for your delivery area.

In each delivery area you can set up a specific delivery schedule. In this example we've set up a delivery area for "Adelaide" with a delivery schedule of Wednesday and Friday only, with one delivery slot for each day.  As an option, you can also limit the number of orders you will accept for each delivery slot. 


In the above screenshot you can see that we have a limit of 2 delivery slots for our Wednesday option of 9-12am.

Using Zip/Postal Code Restrictions

To use the zip/postal code restriction feature, you will need to make sure that this option has been enabled in your General Settings.

You will need to ensure that the "use zipcode checker or delivery areas list" is set to "checker" before you proceed.


Then in your Delivery Areas option, when you click on the zipcode restriction, you will be able to enter in the list of zipcodes you want to include in your delivery area. You can enter these in the "Include Zip Codes" fields on the left of the screen.

You can use the "exact match" field to enter in each individual zipcode you will offer delivery to. This can be used if you already have a list, or you don't have a large number of zipcodes to deliver to. Please ensure that inbetween each zipcode you place a comma to separate them. 


Alternatively, you can use our "starts with" field. This will include all variants of zipcodes that start with the sequence you enter. For example, if you enter 100 in the field, then all zipcodes that start with those three numbers will be included (1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005 etc). 

If you don't have a defined delivery area, but you do have some zipcodes you do not provide delivery to, you can use the "Exclude Zip Code" fields on the right of the screen. If a customer with any of these zipcodes enters them in on the cart page, they will not be told they are outside of the delivery area. 

Blackout Days

 There may be certain times or year that you are not able to make deliveries as normal, such as holidays. You can use our "blackout days" feature to ensure that those specific days are unavailable in the delivery calendar. This will prevent customers from choosing those days when placing their orders.

Select the option in the delivery area, then click "add blackout day".

 Here you can name the blackout period (customers will not see this) and select a start and end day.


 Don't forget to click "save" when you're done!

Override Days

There may be days where you would like to offer delivery on a day which is not on your usual delivery schedule, such as Valentine's Day or Christmas Eve. If you would like to you can use the "override days" feature to create a one off delivery day for your customers. Click on the "override days" settings.

Click "add override day", and use the calendar to enter in the date. Then click "edit slots" to set up the delivery schedule for customers to choose from on that day.


Now, even though Sunday delivery is not normally offered on the normal schedule, customers have the option to choose delivery for that one specific date. 

Shipping Rates

You can also configure Shipping Rates for each delivery area. To do this, select Shipping rates and enable the rate.

The name, description and rate are all configurable for each shipping area.



Lastly, you have the option to set up different settings for each of your delivery areas.


Here you can add or edit the text that customers will see on the cart page when their delivery area is selected.

You can also add a minimum order price. This feature will prevent customers from placing their order unless they have a minimum value in their cart.

You can also set a "maximum future date" which allows you to prevent customers ordering too far ahead in the future. For example, if you set a maximum future date of 7 days then your customers can only place orders for delivery in the next 7 days.

Don't forget to click "save" when you are finished setting up your delivery area!

If you get stuck at any point or have any other questions please contact us at support@local-delivery.net