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Delivery Offset

Local Delivery enables you to set a minimum amount of time between ordering and when customers can schedule their deliveries. You can set this up using our delivery offset feature!

When you are creating your delivery hours for each of your delivery areas you will see the option to set a "cutoff".


If you click on this field a time selector will pop up.

Here you can select if you would like to a cutoff orders for the delivery slot a few hours/minutes before the slot begins. Or if you would like to, you can set a cutoff for orders up to 7 days before the delivery slot begins.

Time Before Slot

This setting allows you to set the cutoff orders for same day delivery a number of minutes or hours. You can use this for same day deliveries. 

Cutoff By Time

 This setting allows you to set a specific cutoff time of day/number of days. So if you require all orders for Thursday deliveries to be made before 5pm on Tuesday for example, you would set your Thursday time slot with a cutoff time of 5:00pm two days before.

If you have any questions about the cutoff time function please don't hesitate to contact us at support@local-delivery.net.