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Installing the app

The installation instructions for your theme are different depending on the version of your theme. Shopify has online store 1.0 (OS 1.0) themes, and online store 2.0 (OS 2.0) themes. 

If you have just created your store and are using the Dawn theme (installed by default when you create a Shopify account), you are using an OS 2.0 theme.

If you have any trouble finding your theme version, or using the instructions, or have issues with either the app not working, or not appearing, or not looking the way you want it on your theme, we are always happy to assist! Please email us at support@local-delivery.net and let us know the new theme you want to change to and the problem you are having, and we will be more than happy to help you get the app installed.

 The first thing to do when changing themes is to work out your theme online store (OS) version. It will be either OS 1.0, or OS 2.0.

To work out which version you have, follow the Work out your theme version (OS 1.0, or OS 2.0) guide. Then at the bottom of that guide, choose the install instructions for the correct version. Or you can use our automatic theme detection page inside the app.


If you already know your online store version, you can skip straight to the relevant install instructions here:

OS 1.0 Install Instructions

OS 2.0 Install Instructions (Dawn is OS 2.0)