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Making the Delivery Date Mandatory

If you want to prevent customers from checking out before they have selected a delivery or pick up date and time, you can make the delivery date selection mandatory.

If you click on the "mandatory date and time" settings on the left hand side of your app settings. Here you will be able to turn the mandatory date and time on or off.


We recommend that you also disable any dynamic checkout or "buy it now" buttons you might have elsewhere on your store if you want to make the delivery date required. These options allow customers to skip the cart page altogether.

You can turn off your "buy it now" buttons and the dynamic checkout options in your theme editor. Each theme might be different, but typically the options to turn these off are on the product page settings in your Shopify theme editor. If you have any trouble locating these or have any questions about this step please contact us at support@local-delivery.net. We're happy to help out!