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Optional Step - Product Available for Local Delivery

Modify product.liquid

This is an optional step which adds text to your product page "This product is available for local delivery". If you don't need that, you can skip this step! 

When the app is installed, a liquid snippet called snippet-local-delivery-product.liquid is installed in your current shop theme. This snippet displays on each product page indicating if local delivery is available for the particular product.

To activate the snippet, include it in Templates/product.liquid. Placement is not critical and depends on where you would like the text to appear. In the example placement shown below, the snippet is included after {{ product.description }}.

For example:

... {{ product.description }} {% include 'snippet-local-delivery-product' %} ...

Remember to save changes when you are done.


If you have any other questions about the optional steps or need help with anything else, please contact us at support@local-delivery.net