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OS 1.0 Install Instructions

Modify cart-template.liquid

If you need help modifying your theme, please email us at support@local-delivery.net and we will happy to assist. 

When the app is installed, a liquid snippet called snippet-local-delivery-cart.liquid is installed in your current shop theme. This snippet is responsible for displaying the delivery time and date selectors on the cart page.

To activate the snippet, open the Theme Editor in your store admin, then open Sections/cart-template.liquid and add {% include 'snippet-local-delivery-cart' %} between the opening <form> and the closing </form> tags.

Exact placement between these tags isn't critical but a good place is immediately above the cart notes or special instructions ({% if settings.show_cart_notes %} or {% if settings.special_instructions %} or {% if settings.additional_informaiton %}).

For example:


Remember to save changes when you are done. If you have any trouble adding the code to your theme please contact us at support@local-delivery.net. We're happy to help out!